20 thoughts on “EP: Dawreck [@dawrecks] – “The Wreckoning” (Produced By The Legendary @Traxster)”

  1. Wut up rec, I’m down loadin now. Man, u and trax laid this E.P. out. this that 92, 3, 4 shyt here jo’ str8 up. Thanks for the bringin’ back good gangsta music. CWAL!!! And it’s the Kutt4Life.

  2. I’m proud of you dog. You and trax did y’all thing on this Fa sho. You goin hard on every song my nigga. Great shit!!! DW

  3. My name is Jamie,
    Wreckoning I met you on the set of DA Smarts video shoot on the westside. I was production assistant. You gave me your cd and I absolutely loved it!!! I will be in LA on the 16th thru 22nd and would love to link up with some1 from home while Im there. This will be my first tim there. contact me please! CAP1 MEDIA (773) 407-3664

  4. I love this album, Dawreck representing Chi-Town 2 da fullest!!!!!!!!!!!! This whole album is off the muthafuckin rockers. I already copped it the 1st day off I-tunes. If u don’t got it get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ..Damn i aint gonna lie .. havent listen ta somethin like dis in a min. “DAt GET BEAT UP MUZIK!”.. DaWReck RAPin’ DA FLOW! keep it up bra u got a fan ya herd me!

  6. PERFECT!!!
    Been a fan for a while and I’m still here diggin your solo trip. I’m an artist also and one of my producers (Youn Psyn) said he did some production for you which is really dope. Much love and respect!

  7. Been down wit dramaward since the 90s and you niggas neva ever fell off. Hell yeah this shit make me wanna pop it in my ride and go bumpin hard thru the west side streets keep doin yall thing my dude yall what the streets be misisin

  8. WRECK!!! you takin over bro!!!! actually, u took over a long time ago, the world just doesnt know it yet!!! big ups to Traxster for laying down some of the coldest beats an emcee could ever dream of spittin over!!! WRECK THA INDUSTRY the game needs u bro!!!

  9. Cuz this shit is craaaayyyyzzzzy hard, been followin u over da yrs. man this iz hot cuz they aint ready for u my nigga u’s a beast ,get it in mane, shout out to yung n da buk chi-town r nuthin .

  10. Hi Wreck, i’m rapper from France (Paris) and i want to congratulate you for your songs !! They are very crazy !!! i don’t understand why your song aren’t more view !!! You are a very big flow !! BIG UP FROM FRANCE DAWRECK :)

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