18 thoughts on “ALBUM: Tia London [@iamtialondon]- “The Overdose” (Produced Entirely By The Legendary @Traxster)”

  1. Im a Intern/assitant at Mixology studios for Bao Pham(producer of “watch what you say to me” T.I ) so on a regular i hear alot of good,bad and music with potential. Im also an artist and since the release of Love Junkie i can now to say i am a fan. Before the only artist i could listen to start to finish was Lupe Fiasco. You have done it again with “The Over Dose”. To be able to reach any person on a personal level is what good music is all about. So when you grabbed me on a personal level,on a artist level, and still leave me wanting more …yea its official Miss London you are now my favorite HIP Hop Artist. So when ever you put your albums in store or have a concert close to Montgomery, AL im a be in line getting mine.

    Congrats on making another banger!

    Ya Boi Pro

  2. She needs meet and greets/concerts i LOVE her and have been a fan since day 1. Love Junkie and The Overdose are the only CDs in my car!!! I would love to meet her!!

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